Socio Economic Impacts - Online

Under COVID-19 Impact Analysis Survey - Online

COVID Impact Analysis survey was conducted in order to find the impact of COVID on undergraduate students in Sri Lanka. This survey was available online from 30 May to 30 June 2021. The survey was conducted as an online survey. Undergraduates from 6 universities participated in the survey. A structured questionnaire was used as the survey instrument. The following are some highlighted findings of the survey.

Education Impacts

Nearly half of students preferred mix of online and in-person classes
Most of the students using their own mobile phone and laptops for online education
Most of the students have negative feelings regarding the online learning
None of the student participated in person classes during the First wave and Second wave
More students engaged in online classes in the second wave compare to in-person classes
More number of students have device malfunctioning/power outages problem when accessing to devices
Many students have problems when studying at home

Health Impacts

Half of the students mentioned that they had access to their required medicines from pharmacies and hospitals during the pandemic periods.
More than 80% of families received adequet health guidelines during the pandemic periods
Availability of PPE was increased with the time. During the second wave higher availability was reported compared to the first wave period.
The confidence level regarding the pandemic related information they receives was reduced over the time.
Television is the major source of information for more number of families while it followed by Social media and radio
Up to the end of June 2021, main reason for not vaccinating is due to unavailability of the vaccine.

Livelihood Impacts

More than 40% of families experience reduction in monthly income while it became worst over the time
Most of the people have withdrew their savings to overcome income reduction while others reduced the consumption and other expenditures
Families belongs to the income category less than LKR 25,000 a month have increased with the time while families belong to > LKR 80,000 have reduced over time.
Most of the people had to work less hours per day due to the pandemic and it has reduced their income

Mobility Impacts